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02.2015r - SPRAY LEVELS COLLECTORSThe company has started production GRP antyabrasieve  spray levels for absorbers block 3 and 4 , Powerplant PGE in Opole. The term of first delivery six levels is planned in September this year.

04-05.2015r - NON STANDARD PRODUCTS - Production of the bouble-flanged pipes DN103 and doubled-flanged reduction DN190x103. Products made entirely as anti-abrasion (laminate with silicon carbide)

07.2015r. - FLANGES LF type B - DPI made more than 120 GRP flanges LF type B (with inner layer made of polyethylene) diameter DN100-250

08.2015r.- TECHNOLOGICAL GRP INSTALLATIONS Skelleftea Kraft Sweeden - DPI technologies company has started an complex project of delivery, including the installation of piping including air channels DN800 and DN700 column for the installation of heat recovery from flue gas condensation plant in northern Sweden. Deadline of the entire project - October 2015.

11.2015r.- CUTTING COLORS - DPI has made two sets of emergency sprinkler collectors for the 3 and 4 block absorbers for El. Opole

11.2015r.-EMERGENCY SPRAY LEVELS made of GRP for absorbers block 3 and 4 , Powerplant PGE in Opole.

12.2015r.- TYPE B fittings: DPI made more than 180 GRP flanges LF type B with inner layer PVC diameter DN25-DN300 and 80 pieces of blind flanges DN80-200 with PP and PVC layer

12.2015r - SHAPE TYPE B - 180 knits type B DN25-200 with PVC insert and 80 pcs DN80-200 with PVC and PP inserts

04.2016r. - ASSEMBLY AND SUPPLY OF TWS technological pipelines for the object of Water treatment station in Opole - DPI in cooperation with ARMANSKI and KUROTEC will carry out the assembly and delivery of pipes and fittings from GRP together with supports for PGE Opole SA Power Plant with general contractor SEEN Technologies. The end of the entire investment took place in June 2017

05.2016r. - FLUE GAS CHANNEL REPAIR - We repaired the surface inside flue gas channel using the Deracane 470 resin during power plant downtime at the  Odra Power Plant.

10.2016r. - SUPPLY AND ERECTION AN INSTALLATION for Bornholms Energi & Forsyning CHP plant in Denmark. Our company won a comprehensive assembly for Clean Air technology pipelines

03.2017r. - SUPPLY AND ERECTION AN INSTALLATION for CHP plant in Denmark in Dankalk. Assembly took place between  March and April 2017.

05.2017r. - SUPPLY AND ERECTION AN INSTALLATION for Vattenfall AB, Heat Generation Drefviken Heat and Power Plant in Handen, Sweden. The installation included a set of 30 pipelines and lasted two months and ended with a positive pressure test.

07.2017r. - SUPPLY AND ERECTION AN INSTALLATION for CHP plant in Silkeborg (Denmark).

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