DPI technologies Sp z o.o. (Duro-Plast Industrial Technologies)

DPI technologies Sp z o.o. (Duro-Plast Industrial Technologies) company was founded on the end of 2014 by the idea and experience of the people from industrial composite area manufacturing products for chemical and power plants. DPI technologies manufacturing products made of resins reinforced by the glass(GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastics), in particular:

  • technological piping: pipes, elbows, flanges, tees in standard range dimensions DN25-500 and pressures PN6,10,16 bars by norm DIN 16 966 and 19 965 or acording to this norm. (possible to make non standard parameeters product);
  • prefabricated parts of the pipelines according to some certain project; it make assembling time at site much shorter;
  • anti-abrasive spray levers moste for instalation of the flue gas desulphurisation absorbers at coil power plants and other instalations (static+project+delivery+assembling);
  • individual apparatus for technological chemical installations (absorbers, settlers);
  • atypicals elements for technological pipeline (Y-ways fittings, four-ways fittings, eccentric reductions).


  • repairing of the technological pipelines made of GRP;

  • supervision of the GRP pipelines assembling;

  • trainings for the assembling staff in the range of making GRP pipelines and laminating connections.   

We invite you to cooperate with us.

Certificates and permissions

Our employees and commpany have:

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate
  • energetics permissions for work with devices cat.II (only for Poland)