GRP/GFK – Glas Reinforced Plastic/Glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff – hand or mechanical made product made in the way of chemical cured of the polyester and vinylester resins reinforced by the  glass (fibre, rovings). 



  • Type D: A range of products for the highly aggressive mediums. Main feature of the type D is having of the 2,5 mm chemical resistant layer thickness. Chemical resistant layer as well as construction can be made of poliester resins, vinyl ester resins or vinyl-epoxy resins.
    Application: process water, sewage , salt solutions, less ore more aggressive bases and acids solutions like organic and inorganic (oxygen and oxygen-free). Some organic solutions, aggressive sewage – solutions of the more then one chemical compounds.

  • Type Dsic: It is a line of the products designed to the strong abrasive mediums like gypsum slurry, solutions water with sand...It is highly recommended to the hydraulic and pneumatic transport. Chemical resistant layer 2,5mm of the thickness is enriched by the addition of  the silicon carbide in with hardness 9,5 in Mohs scale what decides about anti abrasive properties. Application of the anti abrasive layer can be made outside of the pipe surface, it has meaning for products like spray levels for installation of the flue gas desulphurisation.

  • Type E: According to the DIN norm is is a kind of pipelines used for oxidizing properties mediums. Main feature of this product is having 

    high content of resin in chemical resistant layer as well as construction layer what makes all pipe much more resistant to chemicals.

    Application: solutions of oxidizing mediums like: dihydrogen oxide and other peroxide, hypochlorites, potassium permanganate and much more.


  • project and delivery of the antiabrasieve spray levers most for the absorbers of the instalation of the flue gas desulphurisation;
  • pipelines for the transportation of the abrasieve medium like gypsum suspension;
  • areation lances, drift eliminators, suction sieves and others


  • clamp constructions with slide plate;
  • support constructions for pipelines;
  • collars made of carbon steel galvanized (hot dip), PP or GRP
  • gasked for flanges for certain parameters and medium;
  • flat valves, butterfly valves, flowmeters;
  • connections elements (bolts, nuts, washers);
  • package of the resin and glass for making conections at constructionsite.


  • projects of the technological GRP pipelines; technical support in the range of GRP; workshop projects of GRP products;
  • repairing of the technological pipelines made of GRP;
  • supervision of the GRP pipelines assembling and trainings for the assembling staff in the range of making GRP pipelines and laminating connections;
  • chemical resistant layers protection laminating layers (steel, concrede)